Bridal hair accessories are by no means compulsory {more on that here}, but they can provide the perfect finishing touch, tying your whole wedding look together.

There’s an awful lot to choose from, but here are three of my favourites…

  • Hair Vines

I believe these are about to become the next big thing in bridal hair accessories. Many hair vines are custom made, incorporating an array of materials including pearl, diamante and crystal. Some of the simplest designs feature wire with intricate detailing.

Delicate and pliable, hair vines can be sculpted around any style, making them super versatile as well as chic. They can be worn anywhere on the head, either as the main focus of your hair style or just to add a little sparkle.

  • Flowers

Fresh flowers will always be a favourite of mine, especially when a bride is aiming for an ethereal look. Gypsophila {otherwise known as Baby’s Breath} is always a popular choice, but when peony season hits I like to use lots of colour. Fresh flower crowns not only look beautiful, they’re also perfect for an outdoor wedding or an indoor celebration with a festival feel.

Fresh flowers can be worn with up or down styles and can be used with other accessories too.

  • Veils

I adore veils and the classic wedding vibe they create. I guess I’m a traditionalist at heart because I also love it when a bride covers her face with her veil while she walks down the aisle!

I’ve dedicated an entire blog post to veils here, but it’s worth noting they come in a variety of different lengths and materials. You should be advised at your dress fitting as to which one will compliment your chosen gown.

Not sure which hair accessory will suit you? That’s what a trial is for! Get in touch to arrange yours today.

See you in the salon!

Amelia x