4 Ways to Show Your Hair a Little Love

Our hair repays us for kind behaviour with a glow of glossy of splendour. We can fake that glow with various products, but why bother when it’s so easily achieved with a little bit of tender loving care? Read on to discover my top tips…

  • Go For a Whole New Look

Sometimes, you allow your hair to reach the point of no return, sometimes life can whizz by and you suddenly realise you haven’t had a cut in almost a year. Once the ends of your hair are dry and severely split, the only hope you have is a cut, so why not bite the bullet and go for a whole new look? Be Brave, explain you’re thinking of making a big change when you book your appointment, bring some inspiration photos along and explain your reasons. I’ll help you find the perfect style.

  • Tame the Frizz

As it’s still officially winter, February can be a rather miserable month. Rushing in and out of the cold and warmth can wreak havoc on your hair, causing all kinds of frizz. Combat this every day with a luxurious leave-in conditioner or oil and a hydrating mask at least once a week.

  • Treat Yourself to a Cheeky Blow-Dry

There’s nothing quite like treating yourself to a professional blow-dry when you’re in need of a confidence boost. It always lasts a few days and you’ll hold your head a little higher knowing your hair looks super swishy.

  • Spoil Your Locks With Olaplex

If you still haven’t heard about the magic of Olaplex, have a read of my recent blog post here. If you colour your hair, it’s a brilliant addition to your blow-dry and the results never fail to impress.

Tempted by some of the suggestions above? Get in touch and make an appointment today!