I’m hoping some of you will have heard a little teeny tiny something about this amazing treatment, or at the very least seen the logo. If you haven’t, you will most definitely see it at some point in 2016 and hopefully become a big fan like me. I mean, Kim Kardashian swears by it and nearly everyone has heard of her! You may not be a fan of hers, but when have you ever seen her hair in a state, huh?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people think Olaplex is a toner, hair colour or conditioning treatment. It’s actually none of these things.

What Is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a restorative hair treatment that not only stops the breakdown of the hair structure, but repairs it. Yes, it really does repair damage that has already been done.

Basically, this little potion of greatness reconnects the disulphide bonds that can become damaged during a chemical process such as hair colouring or heat damage.

I think I had you at restorative, right? Olaplex is revolutionary in the hairdressing world and it brings me great joy to have it available in the salon because damaged hair makes me sad.

Who Needs Olaplex?

Everyone!! Everyone’s hair will have broken bonds, but some people will have more than others. It’s mainly aimed at those who colour their hair. Olaplex can be added to tints or bleach before being applied to your hair or you can have a treatment by itself.

A lot of blonde hair images are used to advertise this chemical compound because with Olaplex we are able to lift the hair a little more than we would usually without worrying about causing too much damage. Don’t get things twisted though; if your hair is in terrible condition, it doesn’t mean I will be able to lighten it. However, after a few Olaplex treatments to restrengthen your hair, we can definitely reconsider.

Prices will vary in every salon, so get in touch to find out mine.