I really didn’t take advantage of my shiny, strong, luscious, thick, flowing locks while I was pregnant. I was far too busy looking after everyone else’s hair!

On the few occasions I did have cause to perform an epic blow-dry, I could really see how much thicker my hair was. I also couldn’t believe I wasn’t losing any in the shower – none at all! I can’t remember at what point I noticed, but I wasn’t sticking clumps of hair to the tiles in the shower for Neil to find!

At 5 weeks post-pregnancy, it hasn’t started falling out yet, but I’m sure it will. Post-pregnancy hair loss usually starts after around 3 months, but this will obviously vary from one new mum to the next.

So, Why Does it Happen?

During pregnancy, our oestrogen hormone increases. This prolongs the growth stage of our hair cycle, because our hair has cycles too, ya know?!

In the normal cycle of hair growth, some hair is lost every day. But during pregnancy the increased levels of oestrogen in your body freezes hair in the growing phase of the cycle. Hair that would usually fall out stays put, resulting in thicker hair.

After you give birth, your oestrogen levels decline, and all that extra hair starts to fall out.

Post-Pregnancy Haircare

I know I can’t stop my hair falling out, but if I can get the hair that’s staying super healthy, then that’s what I’m going to do!

I’ve been using my Olaplex No.4 and 5 shampoo and conditioner since the end of December. If you haven’t heard of Olaplex, have a little read of my post here.

Don’t avoid washing your hair – you’re going to lose it either way. Do be gentle with it though. I’d recommend brushing it with a tangle teezer or wet brush. When conditioning your hair, gently massage around your hairline to stimulate hair growth.

Luckily for me, my friend Jen, owner of The Styling Lounge in Swindon, brought her scissors along when she came to meet baby Frankie. She kindly cut off all my dry ends, so my hair feels amazing.

I also picked up some HairBurst For New Mums vitamins in the January sales. I did compare them to the standard HairBurst vitamins to see if it was a gimmick for new mums, but the composition does vary. It’s those B vitamins we’re after for hair growth.

Post-Pregnancy Styling Tips

When your hair finally starts growing back, the texture, colour and thickness can be completely different. or some, post-pregnancy can be a time for radical change with a new hair cut to match your new mum status. You may also find you want to start colouring your hair if greys start to appear.

For many women, it’s the ‘baby hairs’ around the hairline that cause most concern. They’re often very noticeable and have a mind of their own, sticking out all over the place!

The simplest solution is to opt for some shaping to frame the face and blend in the shorter locks, or to cut in a fringe. I always suggest a soft feathery fringe as thick bangs will be difficult to style every morning. Let’s be real, it’s a miracle if you manage to brush your hair in those early weeks!

If your hair has become a lot finer, then opt for a blunt cut as this will create the illusion of thickness. Try to avoid tight ponytails and pulling your hair back too harshly. Pull down some loose strands to soften the hair line.

More importantly, make sure you leave plenty of time to enjoy all the newborn baby cuddles!