This is a question I am asked a lot by brides-to-be and I always respond with the same simple answer. No, you don’t HAVE to don a diamond hairclip, it’s your wedding, wear a paper party hat if you want. But before you do, ask yourself whether you will ever have the chance to wear an intricately designed blingtastic hair accessory again. Is it really an opportunity you want to miss out on?

Ideally, you would purchase your dress first and have a rough idea of how you would like your hair. The dress will influence the colour of the metal. For example, a rose gold accessory will really complement a champagne coloured dress. Similarly, a hair band won’t necessarily work with an up-do.

Confused? Here’s a quick rundown of when, why and how you would wear the various different wedding hair accessories that are available…


A headband is perfect if you want to wear your hair down or in a half up-do. The band can be wrapped with ribbon, pearls or a fabric that matches your colour theme. Elasticated bands that are already detailed are the perfect addition to almost any style.


A tiara is a real statement piece. In all honesty, I have only had a handful of brides that have chosen a tiara. As they are a central focus and placed on top of the head, they are not very versatile, but they will work with hair that is worn up or down. Personally, I think the tiara needs to make a comeback!

Hair Combs

The most popular of hair accessories, these get a big thumbs up from me! A hair comb can transform any hairstyle into something extra special and can be worn anywhere in the style. Just make sure the comb is of good quality as you don’t want it to slip out and think about the angle of the design and how it’s going to sit.

Pin-In Hair Piece

You heard it here first ladies, I think these are going to become a big trend! A delicate, pliable piece that can be sculpted around any style, many are custom made to suit your wedding and personal style. This piece for my bride Kirsty was designed and made by Hermione Harbutt.

Hair Pins

Hair pins are mostly used for bridesmaids to add a little sparkle, but they’re also a nice simple option for adding detail to a bridal look. They can be placed anywhere and easily concealed.


Flowers have been my favourite and most popular wedding hair accessories in 2015. Using fresh flowers that also feature throughout the wedding decor really helps tie everything together. Not only do they look beautiful, but they really complement a seasonal outdoor wedding. They work well with most styles and can also be worn with other accessories.

I know what you’re thinking and I haven’t forgotten about veils. Those beauties deserve a blog post all of their own! In the meantime, I hope I’ve managed to answer a few questions for you. I’m always happy to talk through things in more detail at a consultation or wedding hair trial.