Every pregnancy is an individual experience. Our bodies change and adapt in such different ways. Some woman may not have even heard of a symptom you’re suffering from. I certainly hadn’t heard of carpel tunnel before my hands became swollen and I woke up with claw fingers, unable to butter my toast at breakfast! But most woman will notice a difference in their hair, skin and nails, either during or after pregnancy.

This blog is mainly about my own experience and the skincare products I’ve used throughout my pregnancy. I had a good skincare regime before I fell pregnant, and I wanted to keep it up and look after my skin.

As I’ve said before, I’m no dermatologist. If you have any serious concerns, I’d always advise you to speak to your GP or do your own research.

That said, I do know that if you suffer with acne and are taking any oral medication for your skin, you need to let your GP know you’re expecting as some Retinoids (Vitamin A) are not advised during pregnancy.

Cleansing & Toning

If you’ve read some of my previous posts about skincare, you’ll know I still haven’t found my Holy Grail facial cleanser. Instead, I tend to bounce around, trying new products whenever I fancy a change.

At the start of my pregnancy, I was using my Agera Salicylic Acid Wash, but I soon found it too drying. If I’m honest, I was so exhausted during the first trimester, I was barely wearing makeup at all! I was just about managing to cleanse with some Simple wipes as I collapsed into bed each night. Not ideal!

Luckily, a lovely friend gifted me a Mama Mio pregnancy box, inside of which I discovered the Gorgeous Glow Face Wash. I used it from around 20 weeks and even purchased some more. Neil’s also just admitted he’s used it a few times himself! It contains coconut and tea tree oil, and I have to say my skin loves it.

I’ve been making sure I tone with the Pixi Glow Tonic and I’ve also been using the Pixi Double Cleanse in the evening. I’ve never been keen on cream cleansers before, but this stuff is beaut. You massage a small amount of the solid cleansing oil into your skin and it effortlessly removes all your make up. Simply wipe away with a damp facecloth, then repeat the process again with the cream.

Things to Avoid

I have botox in my forehead once year, usually before my annual backpacking adventure. I have some deep lines in my brow which cause some serious tan lines, so I like to get them smoothed out. I’ve also had lip filler, around 4ml over 3 years.

You should never have these treatments while pregnant and no reputable practitioner will treat you. If you’re trying to conceive, always check you aren’t pregnant before booking a procedure.

While there’s limited evidence to suggest your baby will be harmed, you can end up with the opposite of what you desired. Nobody wants a trout pout or wonky brows! Like the rest of your body, your lips can swell quite a bit during pregnancy. Mine definitely have – they’re massive!


If you follow my Instagram Stories, you’ll have seen I secretly splurged on some Revitalash, a fancy lash growth serum. I started off well, but kept forgetting to put it on. You have to be really consistent with this stuff, but the only thing I’ve been consistent with is crashing out as soon as I get into bed!

I decided to treat myself to a lash lift and tint once I’d finished work and gone on maternity leave. I’ve only had one once before and I’d forgotten how much I love them. It’s basically a perm for your lashes that gives them a soft, natural curl that really opens up the eye. With a tint, it’s like you’re wearing mascara without the hassle. It takes around an hour and the results last 6-8 weeks.

Elemis Goodies

As my birthday was at the end of December, I received some new Elemis skincare with some freebies thrown in. I made sure the products are anti-ageing as I suspect the first few weeks of sleepless nights are going to age me super-fast! I’ll keep you posted.

Whether you’re pregnant or not, have millions to spend or a tiny budget, you can always invest a little time and effort into your skincare routine. Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life…

Happy cleansing!


P.S. I drafted this post in the final few weeks of my pregnancy. Since then, my gorgeous boy has arrived safe and well. Franklin Vito Shorter was born at 17.24 on Tuesday 15th January, weighing 8lb exactly! After a bumpy start, both mother and baby are doing well. I’m sure I’ll be showing him off on Instagram soon, so make sure you’re following for the baby spam!