Any sign of a special occasion and you can guarantee I’m getting my hair done! There’s just something so luxurious about having your hair styled for an important event. In case you’re new to special occasion hair or have never had your locks styled by a pro, here’s everything you need to know…

Up, Down, Whenever, Wherever

Whether yout want your hair up or down for your prom, a wedding or a simple Saturday night out, let me know so I can allocate enough time. When booking your appointment, explain what the special occasion is and how you would like to wear your hair.

If you’re not sure what sort of style to go for, I can help. Simply share a few details about your outfit and the type of look you’re hoping to achieve. You can also head to Pinterest or Instagram if you’re stuck for ideas.

To Wash Or Not To Wash?

If you’re planning to wear your hair down, you can have it washed, blowdried and styled in the salon. Maybe you fancy a few soft waves or some glamorous curls? Some ladies like to wash their hair at home and just have it curled with a wand or tongs. If that’s you, let me know. Remember to make sure your hair is clean and dry before you arrive.

In contrast, the first rule of ‘Up-Do Club’ is don’t wash your hair the day you’re having it put up! Instead, I ask clients to wash their hair the day before. I’m not telling you this for fun, it actually makes a huge difference to the staying power of your hair. With freshly washed hair, grips slide out, curls fall and a style can slip out of place. Static can also be a pain.

Some stylists may suggest using products to give the hair some texture, but I like hair to look like hair, so I always try to avoid overloading it. The only exceptions are very fine hair or hair that tends to get greasy very quickly. If this is the case, I would wash and blowdry your hair myself so I can use suitable products and create volume.

It’s Good To Talk

My main advice is to communicate with me as much as possible. The more I know about your likes and dislikes, the easier it is for me to create a look you’ll love.


Need longer locks for that glamorous up-do? Read my tips for growing your hair.

See you in the salon!

Amelia x