Who else has a similar holiday hair checklist?

I recently had a week’s break in Italy with some of my family and I had every intention of styling my hair each night.

Well, that went right out of the window when the airline lost my luggage!! When you only have the clothes you’ve been wearing for 12hrs, none of your own make up or accessories let alone hair essentials you kind of feel like you’ve lost your identity for 3 days. Any of you that have been through this trauma will understand! Luckily for me, my cousin Carmela provided me with clothes, and with her being a beauty therapist I really didn’t mind using her make up and products for a few days.

Another issue I had was the lack of time I had to do my own hair, I was having far too much fun having a glass of wine and taking part in the Uno tournament we’d started. Luckily I know my hair well and can whip it into some sort of do in minutes so was still able to partake in the wine/Uno activities without my hair looking like some kind of crazy bush! I can totally understand that’s not so easy for everyone so I thought I’d show you some simple holiday hair ideas I did on my cousin during the week.

I hope you like them, feel free to ask any questions!