As someone who struggles with anxiety in general, I know exactly what hairdresser anxiety feels like. Will the door be push or pull? Will someone greet me at reception? Will I be able to articulate myself clearly enough, so I get the results I want? These are probably just some of the questions going through your mind when it’s time for a trim.

Previously, when I was considering visiting a new salon, I found myself worrying about the same things. In the end, I decided to cut my hair myself, hoping a DIY trim would tide me over until I could visit Jen at The Styling Lounge Swindon. My hair was dry, I was feeling insecure, and my self-esteem was at its lowest. I didn’t want to risk someone getting my hair wrong. I just couldn’t find the courage.

Hairdresser Anxiety – A Stylist’s Advice

I’m sharing this with you because I want you to know I understand. Not everyone finds it easy to visit their hairdresser and trying a new salon can be particularly challenging. But my DIY approach probably isn’t a good idea unless you’re a qualified pro! So, what can you do?

Here are a few ideas to help you beat hairdresser anxiety…

Get to Know Them

Nowadays, there’s no reason for your hairdresser to be a total stranger when you first meet. If you’re anxious about visiting The Styling Lounge, I’d strongly recommend following me on Instagram first. You’ll see my work, get to know me better, and gain a sense of what the salon’s like inside.

Another option is to tag along when your friend has a haircut. You can observe their appointment and decide whether you want to book one yourself. The salon is small and cosy rather than large and intimidating, but there’s room for you to watch if you need to.     

Book a Consultation

Popping in for a consultation is an opportunity to meet me in person and see the salon. You’ll know straight away if you’ll feel comfortable enough for a full-blown appointment. There’s no obligation to book and it might be a stepping-stone to getting your hair cut. For further reassurace, this post tells you what to expect.

Reach Out

Send me quick email before your consultation or appointment. ‘I’m nervous about getting my hair cut’ is enough, I don’t need to know why. Once I’m aware you’re feeling anxious, I’ll go out of my way to put you at ease.

Bring Visual Inspiration

If you’re worried about being able to communicate what you want, try bringing lots of visual inspiration. Pinterest is your friend! Looking at pictures together is usually easier than trying to describe your desired look verbally, especially when you’re nervous.

It’s important to me that you feel comfortable and relaxed whenever you visit The Styling Lounge. If there’s anything specific I can do to improve your experience or reduce anxiety, please let me know.