I used to dread hair wash day, but since having Frankie and being so short on time, I really savour the chance to get my locks squeaky clean. I never rush it, and I always give myself the best possible shampoo experience.

Fancy doing the same? Here’s how to wash your hair like a pro…

Step One

Start by brushing your hair. This removes tangles and allows the water to run freely, removing build-up more effectively. It’s an essential step, especially if your hair has been tied up for six days in a row like mine!

Step Two

I’m going to assume you’re using a good quality shampoo, so you should only need a 50p size amount of product as they’re much more concentrated than cheaper alternatives.

For this first wash (yes, you’re going to do two) focus on your scalp. This is where the oil that makes your hair greasy originates, so it makes sense to clean it first, right? Give your scalp a good firm massage to get the blood flowing to the follicles. This will get your shampoo all lathered up. Smooth this through your tangle-free locks and rinse thoroughly.

Step Three

Shampoo and rinse again, still focusing on your scalp. The first wash lifts and loosens any build-up of oils and products. The second cleanses your scalp and hair.

Step Four

Squeeze out any excess water so your hair is no longer soaking wet. I like to use a dry flannel to do this. Leaving your hair too wet will result in the conditioner just dripping away. This means it won’t have a chance to fully penetrate all the layers of your hair. Apply conditioner to the mid length and ends.

Leave your conditioner on for a few minutes while you buff your body or shave your legs. Rinse thoroughly.

Step Five

Never rub your hair with a towel. Your locks are delicate when wet and vigorous rubbing can damage the cuticles. Squeeze and wrap your hair instead. I use a large muslin cloth as it soaks up the water well and is lightweight on my head. A hand towel or hair wrap works well too.

So, that’s how to wash your hair like a pro! While it’s still damp, apply a little leave-in conditioner or hair oil for an extra treat. You can read about my favourite products here. Of course, a killer blow-dry will complete your routine perfectly!

See you in the salon!

Amelia x