It’s official, I’m the best wedding hairstylist in the South West! At least, that’s what my shiny TWIA award says.

Best Wedding Hairstylist in the South West

Winning this title means so much to me. Before Frankie arrived at the beginning of last year and during those exhausting early days with a newborn, I definitely worried about my career. The Styling Lounge has been my first baby for such a long time. Trying to juggle motherhood and a business was a big source of fear for me.

I battled a lot of mum guilt choosing to work while Frankie was so young, but I knew it was something I needed to do. I wanted to keep my livelihood going not just for me, but to provide for my son as well. As I approach this wedding season as a single mum, I feel even more proud of my hard work and independence.   

A Challenging Year

I’m not going to lie, exclusively breastfeeding through the night then getting up at 4am to prep for a wedding was a killer. It took some serious planning and a whole lot of coffee! I was worried some brides might not approve of my breaks to express (privately, obvs) but I felt so supported throughout. Woman and mums really do have each other’s backs.  

Winning Best Wedding Hairstylist in the South West means I managed to achieve my usual high professional standards despite the added pressures of motherhood. If I can win this award and keep my business thriving while still being a doting mother to my new baby, I can do anything. I can’t wait to show it to Frankie in years to come and say, ‘look what mummy did, look how hard she worked.’ I hope he’ll be super-proud of me.

Voter Feedback

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me. I’m so grateful for your kind words and support. Here’s a small sample of some of the comments I received…

‘Amelia did such an amazing job – being so attentive at my wedding trial, right through to just before I went down the aisle. The hair and makeup she created was incredible and I got so many compliments throughout the whole day. My bridesmaids looked amazing and were so happy with their look. She made everyone feel at ease with her friendly and relaxed approach while also having such professionalism and a high standard for the finished looks. I will be recommending her to all my friends!’ – TWIA Voter Feedback

‘Amelia was incredible on the day of my wedding. She styled myself, my mum and my sister and the compliments we had all day were outstanding. Amelia also helped to keep me calm and happy when there was a mishap with the flowers! She helped in making me feel confident and beautiful, and I am normally very negative towards myself. Her advice and ideas in the lead up as well as the prep that she did for the day was also brilliant. I would recommend Amelia to anyone else getting married!’ – TWIA Voter Feedback

‘Couldn’t be more genuine, 10/10 votes for Amelia, she was also on maternity leave during the lead up to the wedding and was still an amazing supplier to deal with. Amelia was calm, really helpful and amazing value for money. She turned up super early (on time) at 6am for our wedding – and yet still had a massive smile and was so excited for us! She was great company all morning and listened to all the girls’ requests and gave advice where needed. She was part of the crew! Highly recommend!!’ – TWIA Voter Feedback

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