I’m a little late to the Kim Kardashian hair-appreciation-party, but WOW! I am loving her new look. Those icy-blonde locks are amazing. As far as I’m concerned, she nails every hairstyle. If only we could all have our very own glam squad, hey?!

I’d also like to say a very loud ‘hell yeah’ to Sophia Hilton of Not Another Salon. Wondering why I’m mentioning these two women in the same post? Read on…

Recently, Sophia shared an open letter to her clients about Instagram and what she calls the ‘colour pandemic’. To be honest, I could have wept because it was exactly what I needed to read and definitely what needed to be said. Her words were like a virtual hug reassuring me that I’m doing a good job.

You can read about her original post here, but in a nut shell, Sophia explains that these minute-long videos and cleverly lit images of hair transformations make our job look easy. They are often retouched and rarely show the blood, sweat, tears and time stylists plough into a massive hair makeover.

By failing to mention the brassy hours a client has endured between appointments, these posts are also giving false hope, implying stylists can perform miracles in one appointment. When ‘we can’t’ or won’t, stylists think they’ve failed, but that simply isn’t the case.

Kim Kardashian’s hair transformation took 12 hours for her first sitting. 12 hours people! I’m more than happy working a 12-hour-day, I do it regularly, but I can’t imagine one client paying an entire day’s takings! Kim also spent a week hiding away with yellow hair. Most people don’t have that luxury! She then sat for a further 5 hours to achieve that final icy-blonde result. Throughout each stage and in-between, Olaplex was used. I don’t think Chris Appleton would even attempt this kind of transformation without a product like Olaplex.

Kim’s been very frank about the process and as a hair stylist, I appreciate her honesty.

Your Hairdresser Always Knows Best


Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that you should trust US, the hairdressers, not the images you see on Instagram. Thousands of likes don’t hold the same value as a stylist’s knowledge and expertise. Nothing is as it seems on the internet. I mean, I have a double-chin in real life and my brows aren’t always on fleek!

As your hairdresser, I want to make your wildest hair dreams come true, but I’m not jeopardising your hairs integrity to do it. Life is busy and most clients can just about spare 3 hours, let alone days for their ideal look. It’s my job to give you a makeover that suits your lifestyle, fits your budget and looks fabulous with or without your very own glam squad!

Let’s all stop comparing ourselves to strangers on the Internet, OK?!

See you in the salon!

Amelia x