I don’t know about you, but I get a little fed up of the ‘new year, new me’ posts that seem to start surfacing as early as December 30th these days. Even on January 2nd I was not ready to be a ‘new me’, especially not with a raging hangover! I just find it all too much, there’s too much pressure. That’s why I’ve waited a whole week to bombard you with my thoughts.

At this time of year, most people resolve to lose weight, eat healthier etc etc. Does anyone think about their hair? Surely it deserves a little care and attention too?
This post isn’t about getting a dramatic new look or changing all your products, it’s a simple plea on behalf of all the precious hair cuticles around the world to take better care of them.
So, that said, who would like longer hair this year? If you do, then the simplest answer is to get it cut. It sounds strange, but it’s true.

I recently read an article that quoted a top stylist who explained that we don’t have to get our hair cut every 4-6 weeks. It was short and sweet and, not surprisingly, it recommended a one-hundred-and-something-pound hair treatment with a link to purchase, of course.
This kind of article always infuriates me because it just isn’t true! The only way to grow your hair and get it looking thicker, healthier and glossier is to keep it in check with regular trims. Yes there is treatments that can help of course, but the cheapest and most natural way is simply having a trim. I know you’ll be thinking ‘of course she’d say that, she’s a hairdresser!’, but as a hairdresser I’m the best person to advise you. I genuinely care (I wouldn’t be a hairdresser if I didn’t) and it really upsets me when hair isn’t in the best possible condition because you’re missing out on so many swishy TV moments!

What’s even more upsetting is that I know how frustrated some people are with their hair. Why isn’t it growing? Why is it thin? Why does it break? In most cases it’s because it’s just not getting enough TLC.

So, I decided to run a little experiment …
Look at the images below. You can see the hair on the right is visibly longer, thicker and generally in much better condition. ‘Wow!’ you say, ‘what is this magic potion that makes hair grow?’ Well it’s ME and my magical scissors! Ok, it also helped that Helen didn’t use her straighteners every day!

Helen has been a client of mine for 3+ years, having a full head of highlights and usually skipping the trim every 10 weeks or so. I knew Helen would like her hair to be longer and thicker and often uses clip-in hair extensions to achieve this look. I decided enough was enough and made Helen an offer she couldn’t refuse, agreeing to cut her hair for free on the condition that she came in every 6 weeks for a limited time.

These are the results, and this was only after 4 trims (and when I say a trim, I always mean it!!).

I understand that luxuries (such as spending time and money on your hair) are always the first things to go when you’re saving for something or having a tight month, but rather than missing out completely, why not just go for a wet cut (£28) and skip the blow-dry (£35)? You also don’t have to have to do it every 6 weeks, push it to 8 weeks.
That said, let me ask you if you cut out any other ‘luxuries’ – waxing, eyebrows, nails, makeup? I hear more girls complaining about their hair condition than their eyebrows, yet we tend to them without a thought. Some woman will spend £20+ on mascara – a product for the tiny little hairs on our eyelids – yet won’t spend £20 on their hair, something that is on your head and a lot more noticeable? Just a thought.

Basically, the point of this rant is to let you know that if you invest a little time and money in looking after your hair with something small like a regular trim, you will be rewarded 10 fold.