Olaplex Number 3 is a must have at-home product for those of you who have hair that’s in need of some TLC or if you just want to keep your locks in good health. So basically everyone

If you haven’t heard about the wonder of Olaplex take a look at my recent blog which will give you all of the information you need

Just one thing to note, Olaplex Number 3 is an extension of the care we provide in the salon. You won’t get the full advantage at home if you don’t have an Olaplex service in the salon (either stand alone or with colour), as it contains the same active ingredient your hair will be benefiting at home in between appointments.

Olaplex No. 3 can be taken home for £20. I advise you use it next time you wash your hair at home then in between your hair appointments, a little bit goes a long way so apply sparingly. All you have to do is pop it in to wet towel tried hair, before you shampoo and condition. You must leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes or longer, this famous woman Kim leaves it on all night.

So if you reminisce of the days before colouring and GHDs came into your life, when your hair was like a Disney Princesses then you need Olaplex in your life.

See you in the salon!

Amelia x

Image via Silke von Rolbiezki