Have you ever left a hair salon unhappy or dissatisfied?

As a hair stylist I can honestly say I would be gutted to find out a customer had left my salon unhappy or feeling insecure. If you were sat in a restaurant and the rare steak you ordered came out well done you’d say something right? As such, I beg you never to leave a salon unsatisfied.

Your hair is part of your style, look and confidence and you’re the one that has to live with it. We’d rather spend more time trying to get it right for you, than not knowing what went wrong and never seeing you again.

As an example, I recently decided to go back to having ombre hair. Knowing it wasn’t going to be as easy as the first time I had chosen the style, due to my recently coloured hair, I enlisted the help of Jen (director of The Styling Lounge Swindon) to take the lead in creating my new dip-dyed hair.

As predicted, the recent colour I had dabbled with resulted in the ends of my hair looking distinctly ginger. Jen thought it looked lovely, suited my current hair colour and skin tone, but I wasn’t happy. “I hate it…I’m not going outside like this,” I may have exclaimed in somewhat of a diva fit.

So, we discussed the colour again, how to achieve it and went to work on taking out the copper tinge. The results were lovely and I’m pleased to say that I now have my beachy multi-tonal locks, just like I wanted.

It’s easy for Jen and I to express how we feel about hair and rectify any problems as we talk about it all day long. I know it’s not always that easy to find the courage to say that you don’t like what you see in the mirror, but it’s definitely worth being brave and voicing your concerns.

In order to avoid getting to the point of having a hair-raising ordeal, here’s some tips to guarantee a good visit from the beginning…

– If you have something in particular in mind bring along a photo. I love a photo. It saves a lot of awkwardness if you’re not sure how to describe something.

– Make sure you give full disclosure before we start any work – if you’ve had bad cuts before or recently used a box dye, it will affect how your hair needs to be treated. Usually for those clients that are worried I’m going to chop too much hair off. I will show them exactly how much I’ve taken off.

– Give yourself plenty of time for your appointment, you don’t want to rush someone with scissors in their hand. Plus it will be far more relaxing.

– Your hairstylist will hopefully give you the opportunity at the end of your appointment to say whether or not you’re happy or if there is anything you would change. Now is your chance to speak up.