Hair Tips for Gym Users

Are you a girl that lifts? Is running your favourite pastime? Do you want to reach peak fitness and still have hair that looks good? Time for some quick tips…

  • Washing your hair after every workout sounds like the best thing to do, but it’s quite likely to cause damage, stripping the natural oils and leaving your locks dry and frazzled. Instead, try popping in some dry shampoo before your workout. Something powder will soak up any moisture. I personally love No Drought Dry Shampoo from Lush.
  • I know it looks glam to have your hair down at the gym but it’s really not practical and I find it just makes me extra sweaty. You don’t have to go for the standard ponytail, try a top knot, pop a quiff in or go for a braided ponytail. Get creative!
  • If you’re the outdoor runner type, wash your hair beforehand and apply a treatment to towel dried hair. This will protect it from the weather and moisturise it, all while you work on your fitness. Simply rinse when you get home. I don’t recommend this during these cold months.
  • If you are tying your hair up, my absolute must have is the Kodo Bobble! These little hair saviours allow you to tie your hair up pain free and won’t leave any kinks when it’s taken down. They have a firm grip, but they won’t leave you with split ends. I found these in Primarni (primark) and they come in a range of colours.
  • My biggest pet hate isn’t just watching women use the gym equipment incorrectly, it’s seeing them rake a fine tooth comb through soaking wet hair. The horror!! Please, please, please get yourself a Tangle Teaser. Your hair is at its most fragile when wet, so this is when the worst damage can be done. Gently squeeze your hair dry with a towel (never rub), spritz it with leave-in conditioner and comb from the ends first.


  • If you’ve decided to go down the root (no pun intended) of using dry shampoo and popping your hair into a top knot, try adding a little shine spray to perk up your locks after your workout. My go-to is Tigi Headrush.

Now you can skip out of the gym full of all those endorphins and with super swishy hair as you head off for a white wine spritzer… I mean smoothie!