A little while ago, having responded to a wedding enquiry, I was told my prices were too expensive. Reading through the email, I was reminded of a recent trip to the bar while on holiday in Dubai. When I looked at the bill, I thought the cost of a large glass of wine was going to bankrupt me, but I still bought it. More importantly, I enjoyed it.

Sure, purchasing my favourite tipple consumed a large chunk of my travel budget, but I wasn’t just paying for the wine, was I? I was paying for the experience. The service. The atmosphere. That large glass that sits perfectly in your palm. Maybe there’s a little bowl of surprise snacks you weren’t expecting. There’s definitely the feeling of a warm embrace washing over you as the first sip touches your lips…

Sorry, I digress. Where were we?! Oh yes, we were talking about the cost of wedding hair and makeup.

Aren’t I Just Paying for Your Time?

If you were, my fee would still need to cover much more than the time spent physically doing the work on your wedding day. The same goes for a lot of other wedding suppliers. I recently spoke with Karen from Blossom Lane Florist and she explained that flower prep often needs to start a few days before a wedding. As well as being there on the day, photographers spend hours editing photos afterwards. Wedding suppliers deserve to be paid for the work you don’t see as well as the work you do.

What Exactly Am I Paying For Then?

As well as beautiful wedding hair and makeup, here’s what you’re paying for when you work with me:

  • My professional training and years of experience. Staying up-to-date with new styles and techniques requires ongoing education and investment.
  • Access to a wealth of free knowledge and information. As well as an archive bursting with useful blog posts, I’ve created digital downloads packed with bridal hair and beauty advice.   
  • High quality products for your specific hair and skin type. Everything I use is tried and tested to ensure the best possible results. It’s hard to put a price on the value of my kit, but it’s easily four figures.
  • An early start. Sometimes very early! Being late is never an option, especially on someone’s wedding day. I always allow plenty of time to get ready and eat breakfast before travelling to wherever you’re getting ready.
  • Late nights. Getting up and out early means preparing all my kit and clothes the night before, usually after a busy day in the salon or looking after my little boy, Frankie.
  • Travel time. During peak wedding season, I spend countless hours on the motorway.  
  • Hours of admin. Every booking generates emails and paperwork. At times, keeping on top of it can feel like a fulltime job in its own right!
  • All the other outgoings associated with running a business. From insurance to advertising costs, overheads don’t come cheap!

I’m sure there are other things I’m forgetting, but hopefully this list gives you some sense of what’s involved. It might even make you feel like you’re getting a bargain!  

So, Are Your Prices for Wedding hair & Makeup Cheap or Expensive?

Cost is very subjective. What feels cheap to one person can seem expensive to another. I’m confident I charge a fair price for the level of service I provide. Because I go above and beyond for every client, I know I offer great value for money too. Looking in the mirror and feeling like the best, most beautiful version of yourself? Priceless!

You can learn more about booking my award-winning wedding hair and makeup services in Bristol, Bath, Somerset and Wiltshire here.   

Image by Wolf & Eagle