After saying ‘I do’, some woman keep up with the beauty regime they adopted in the run-up to their wedding and others let it fizzle out. One thing I didn’t neglect is my hair, but I did go for a restyle.

When you’re preparing to get married, I think your hair becomes another accessory to the wedding that needs to fit in. Aside from maintaining the colour and keeping it in good condition, you probably refrained from doing anything to your hair.

After the big day, I rebelled and thought about cutting it all off. I would say 80% of women opt for a restyle after the wedding. In fact, all of my brides who were clients before getting married have asked me to cut their hair into a new married woman do.

Weddings are full of symbols, and some women symbolise change with a new look. Have you ever booked a hair appointment after breaking-up with someone or having your heart broken? Us women are strange creatures!

So, it’s roughly a month after the big day and you’re finally over the post-wedding blues (mine were horrendous). You’ve started a new chapter in your life and you want to reinvent yourself. It’s the perfect time for a new look, but what do you go for?

Don’t think that now you’ve got a ring on your finger, you can’t be experimental with your hair. Have a look at the latest trends, discuss them with your stylist and consider whether they’ll suit you and your lifestyle. Opt for something radical or simply choose a style you’ve always wanted. Either way, I think every woman should begin married life feeling fabulous!

See you in the salon!

Amelia x