So, your wedding preparations are in full swing and now it’s time to start thinking about the fun girly stuff like hair, make-up and a lot of pampering!

As most of you will never have had a wedding hair trial before, I thought I would give you some pointers on how to get the most out of your time with your stylist.

I personally think a trial 6-8 weeks before the wedding is ideal as your hair will be at your desired length, plus you will have your dress and know what neckline and style you are working with. You can of course have one whenever you want and you can even have more than one if you’re keen to try out a few different styles, just remember extra trials are likely to be an additional cost. Also, trying a multitude of styles can be confusing. The last thing you need is to start stressing about your hair!

Most brides have an idea of what they want, so I suggest you go with your gut and stick with it. After all, there are no rules for wedding hair. If you want if half-up-half-down with a cherry on top and red extensions, fine, it’s your day!

If you are completely stumped and have no clue about what you want, apps such a Pinterest can be a MASSIVE help! There are so many pictures of styles for every single hair type you can think of, so have some fun and get pinning! It can really help your stylist if you have a picture of what you’re thinking of. They can then let you know if it’s achievable, or tell you how they can tweak it to you suit you and your dress.

If you have looked at so many photos of wedding hair that you’re now totally confused about what you want, DON’T PANIC!! Discuss the theme of your wedding with your stylist, show them the dress, and together you can decide on a style that will suit you and the day.

Wash your hair the night before your trial, not the morning of as this can affect the way it is styled (curls and pins do not hold in freshly washed hair very well). Arrive at your trial with your hair in its natural state. Try not to straighten it or overload it with products and never arrive with it wet unless your stylist has asked you to.

You’ll need at least an hour for the trial itself. If your stylist is anything like me then they’ll want to know all about the big day, see the ring and hear about your proposal ☺.

Bring your smart phone or tablet with you, loaded with images of your desired style so you can go through them with your stylist and explain the things you like, love and dislike. Be sure to tell your stylist any musts i.e. you want to hide your ears, you have a cowlick, you want your fringe down etc.

Make sure you bring any hair accessories and your veil too. This is important as your stylist will need to know where they will be placing these on the day and make sure they can style your hair around it.

If your wedding hair trial is successful, we’ll take a few photos and discuss some of the finer details of your big day.

I hope this was helpful, feel free to ask me any questions you might have. In the meantime, keep calm… you’re getting married!

Amelia x