It’s been a while, but I’m back with a blog post {and a brand new name, in case you hadn’t noticed}. I have a couple of confessions to make, but first I want to tell you a story about salon quality products.

A little while ago, my client came in for her second appointment post-lockdown. We’d been working on going blonder from a natural balayage, just in time for summer. However, as soon as she sat down, I instantly knew something had gone awry. My client’s hair didn’t look the same colour I’d left it 8 weeks previous. I knew she wouldn’t have cheated on me (unlike my ex). She was loyal. So, I asked her a few questions.

‘What have you been using on your hair?’ I said. ‘What shampoo and conditioner?’

‘Same shampoo as always,’ she replied, ‘but I’ve started using a new hair mask.’

I asked which one, and as she started to pronounce the name my heart sank.

‘Garnier! Oh shit!’ I said.

‘But it was a really good mask,’ she protested, pulling the product description up to show me. When she told me it contained papaya, I knew exactly what had happened.

‘Is it orange in colour?’ I asked.

‘Yes, yes it is!’ she said.

I gazed down at the floor, wondering how I would break the news. ‘It’s turned your hair orange,’ I said. I placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder and promised I could fix it.

So, here’s my first confession. I take full responsibility for this. At my client’s previous appointment, I should have gone through everything and explained how to care for her coloured hair. I’m blaming Boris…and Matt! I was so focused on getting everyone’s ends chopped and those aggressive blondes covered post-lockdown, I’d forgotten the basics – aftercare and education.

You Hair Deserves the Best

Here’s what I want you to consider before buying your next bottle of shampoo or conditioner. What’s the point of spending your hard earned money on your gorgeous locks, just to reverse it with supermarket quality products? You wouldn’t invest in a Ferrari then wash it with fairy liquid, would you?

I like to think of shampoo like wine. It’s all made from grapes, but you know the cheaper bottles are going to give you a raging hangover. More time, care and quality ingredients are used for the more expensive bottles, both wine and shampoo.

Premium shampoo is more concentrated too, so you don’t need much to get your hair clean. A 50p sized amount will do the trick. Washing twice with less product will keep your hair fresher for longer, which also means you use less overall and save a few pennies in the process.

You can’t replace regular conditioner with a weekly hair mask. You need to be conditioning your hair after every shampoo. It restores moisture and seals the cuticle. Salon quality products will keep your colour looking radiant for longer as the ingredients won’t strip the hair. When you buy from a salon owner, you’re also supporting them and the brand. Isn’t that nice?!

I promise I’m going to be politely interrogating you about your products and giving you all the advice you need to keep your hair looking fabulous between visits.

Which brings me to my second confession. Sometimes I use SHOWER GEL to wash my hair at the gym if I’ve forgotten my shampoo and conditioner. Desperate times called for desperate measures. I always feel ashamed and embarrassed and such sorrow for my locks. I immediately hang my head in shame over the basin at work and rinse my sins away with my MUK Volume Shampoo & Conditioner. I promise to do better!

See you in the salon,


P.S. Learn how to wash your hair like a pro.